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Tuesday April 27 - Sunday May 2

11 am - 7 pm 

MAIA Contemporary 

Colima 159 Roma, Mexico City

Theo Michael . Taeko Nomiya . Sparkles Positron . Simón Vega . Sabino Guisu . Pedro Friedeberg . Olivia Steele . Meredith Dittmar . Lucien Shapiro . Estrid Lutz . Carlos Ramirez . Alexis Mata


The global crisis of 2020 revealed an old but not necessarily understood truth: the deep interconnectedness of all humans, not to say of all beings on this planet.


It became more evident than ever that the influence of an individual that traveled from Wuhan to NYC - in less than 24 hours - was as impactful as the preceding wave of information that spanned the globe at the speed of "digital" light. More than a virus, human data succeeded in incubating a new worldview.


The sense of one big world became more present than ever. And although we still haven't reached the end of the tunnel and keeping in mind that social disparity will mark the difference between the severity of the impact in different nations, communities, and individuals, we can all agree 2020 was the year of the global existential crisis. A breaking point in which humanity was pushed to rethink its priorities.


2021 outlines to become the RESET year. The beginning of a new era. A Renaissance that won't replace religious dogma but personal dogma. A new world where the prospect of digital nomads repopulating this planet and other planets became real. A world where reality is no longer the opposite of virtual and connectivity on the web is as essential as connecting with Nature.


This exhibition presents 12 artists from different places and circumstances exposed to these new evolving realities, each of them redefining their own practices, techniques, materials, motives, and spaces (mental, emotional, spatial) from where they create. Weaving possibilities in the open.


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